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18:28:58 01/14/2017

"Which products to sell online? Or what product sells best online?" are the common question often asked by people who wants to start their online business.


We help new sellers to board and sell products online on and other marketplaces in India. With our extensive analytic research we identify most sellable products online on and suggest sellers profitable products to list and sell on

Interesting Ways to Boost Your Traffic on


1. Optimize listings to improve your ranking in search results


The most important part of your Amazon Marketing Strategy is the SEO Keyword research that you should do prior to listing your product. 


Think of Amazon product search like a Google search. If your product appear on the first page, there is a much greater chance that a customer will click on it, and potentially purchase it.


Focus on keyword optimization and other SEO techniques to ensure a higher ranking in the search results. Consider including valuable keywords on Product title as well as Product description. Not just list a product "Create your product".


2. Image Photography:


Present your products properly to your potential clients. Showcase your products with high resolution image, emphasise on every features of your product. Good photography is one of the most important factor which convert visitors into customers.



3. List your product in proper category:

Many people don't know appropriate keyword for the products they are looking for, so they prefer browsing through menu, so position your products in proper category is another factor which works significantly in boosting your sales in So carefully select browsing nodes for your products. Sometimes its important to list in different browser nodes to cover all menu category.


4. Offer unique products at competitive pricing:

Give customer best value for money for the products they are going to purchase. Try to sell private label, this way you will create your brand in long run as well as less compaction in getting Buy Box. For retailers who are basically resellers keep your pricing very competitive and try to get the Buy Box.


How to win the buy box in


There are many important factors works in determining buy box, sellers are carefully evaluated based on below factors in an effort to give customers the best shopping experience:


  1. Product Price.
  2. FBA- Fulfilment by Amazon, Amazon prime or Merchant Fulfilment
  3. ODR (Order Defect Rate), customer feedback, Turn around time of reply to Buyer Messages, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and chargebacks.
  4. Customer shopping experience offered on an item, such as speed of delivery, shipping options, shipping charges, and customer service.
  5. Time and experience on the Amazon selling platform.


5. Get Reviews


The power of customer reviews is enormous, Amazon Product review is most authentic and trustworthy. Apart from Product Review, seller review plays important role in bringing your product on top of search result.


Try to make sure your customer post positive feedback for the product they have purchased. Request your customer to provide their valuable feedback, in that way you will engage your customer effectively with your store.



6. Get advertising - Amazon sponsored products

For new launched products it’s important to bring on top and showcase to customers and get as many eyeballs as possible, Amazon sponsored products features help advertise your products and get started with instant sales of new launched products.



We hope that this list will be a useful tool for your business in order to help increase Amazon sales.  We help sellers like you to boost your sales. Contact us for increasing sales on


We charge 5% of the Total Sales Amount . No upfront or Min Fixed monthly charges. Pay when you earn. 

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